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Charlie Sheen Deletes Twitter Account

Date July 15, 2012

Charlie Sheen

No more Tiger Blood on Twitter! Anger Managementstar Charlie Sheen has shut down his account.

"Reach for the stars everyone. dogspeed cadre. c out," Sheen tweeted on Friday.

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Sheen joined the social media site in March 2011, just weeks after being fired from Two and a Half Men. His first tweet featured one of his headline-making phrases, "#winning." He then became Twitter's most talked about actor for that year. His catchphrase #tigerblood was listed as the second most talked about hashtag of the year.

Sheen, who amassed nearly 8 million followings since he joined Twitter, most recently used his account to promote and live-tweet his new FX comedy, Anger Management.

Will you miss Sheen's tweets?

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