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Brooke Burke Gets in Car Crash, Given Sobriety Test

Date April 02, 2014

Brooke Burke-Charvet

Brooke Burke-Charvet got into a minor car accident outside of Los Angeles on Wednesday, TMZ.com reports.

Burke  reportedly drove her car through a chain link fence in Calabases, Calif. She was given a field sobriety test, which she passed, and reportedly blamed a faulty steering wheel for the crash. 

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"Rough morning," Burke tweeted after the incident. "Accident on my way to work. Tons of cops and of course photos, TMZ will have fun with this one. Poor Mazeratti. Yes I was sober.

"I'm totally fine tweeties," she continued. "What an exaggeration TMZ. Hilarious headlines, boy-what-you-guys-will-do. Just an accident. No biggie. BTW, of course officers had me do a sobriety test, Thanks CHP for taking care of all of us, too bad the photos blow it out of proportion."

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