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‘Breaking Bad' sets Guinness World Record as highest-rated show

Date September 06, 2013

By Tim Kenneally

LOS ANGELES (TheWrap.com) - AMC's hit meth drama "Breaking Bad" is getting high in more ways than one.

The Bryan Cranston-starring series, which is drawing to an end with its upcoming series finale, has entered the 2014 edition of "Guinness World Records," as the Highest-Rated TV Series.

In this case, "Highest-Rated" doesn't pertain to viewer ratings. The return of "Breaking Bad" last month drew 5.9 million total viewers — a record for the series, but still far below other television entries, such as the season premiere of "Duck Dynasty," also in August, which pulled 11.8 million total viewers.

Rather, the record is based on the "Breaking Bad" score on MetaCritic.com, which gave the show a metascore of 99 out of 100.

Another show-biz entry in the new edition of the 2014 Guinness book, which goes on sale September 12: "Hot in Cleveland" star Betty White, who scored an entry in the "Longest TV Career for an Entertainer (Female)" category. According to Guinness, the 91-year-old actress made her debut in 1939, which gives White a 74-year career span.

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