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Bill Murray's first pitch: Chicago Cubs baseball fans not all amused

Date April 07, 2012
Bill Murray's first pitch: Chicago Cubs baseball fans not all amusedFollow @lizkellynelson on Twitter Twitterbill-murray-first-pitch On Thursday (April 5), Bill Murray threw out the first pitch of the season at Wrigley Field. The longtime Chicago Cubs baseball fan did it his own way, though. Instead of just pitching out the first ball in the game against the Washington Nationals, Murray instead ran all four bases and slid into home before ascending the pitcher's mound.

But many fans were not entertained.

"There was the once famous and formerly funny comedian, Bill Murray, serving up his usual tiresome brand of shtick, running around the bases like a hyperactive kid and throwing out the ceremonial first pitch like an old woman," writes the Cubs Examiner.

Still, Murray had fun.

"I knew I wanted to slide because I knew [Kerry Wood] was going to try to put the tag on me," Murray tells the Chicago Tribune. "I don't know if that was a true slide. It wasn't really a pop-up slide. I was thinking about a pop-up slide. I wasn't able to perform the pop-up slide. I wasn't even able to keep my hat on my head. And it might not have been a slide, it may have been a collapse."

He also autographed the ball and gave it to pitcher Ryan Dempster who, umm, threw it away. Seriously.


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