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Arrested Development to Begin Filming in Four Weeks

Date July 11, 2012

Ron Howard, Jason Bateman and Mitch Hurwitz

Prepare to blue yourself: The highly anticipated Arrested Developmentrevival is not only happening, it's starting to film in four weeks!

Series star Jason Bateman tweeted a photo with Arrestedcreator Mitch Hurwitz and executive producer/narrator Ron Howard: "Taken at AD mission control, today! All systems are go. Filming for the new episodes starts in four weeks. Woo!"

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Howard also tweeted a picture of the trio, commenting, "Mitch let Jason and I in on some of the twists and turns ahead. hilarious."

Arrested Developmenthas been off the air since 2006. The revival fourth season will air on Netflix with all 10 episodes to be released at once in 2013. A feature film will follow.


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