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'A Very Gaga Thanksgiving': 5 Things We Want to See

Date November 22, 2011
A Very Gaga Thanksgiving It's Thanksgiving! The leaves are changing in certain parts of the country that still have seasons, the smell of butane from turkey fryers is filling the air and ABC is celebrating with ... Lady Gaga?

Because nothing says making the holidays "hip" like Gaga!

'A Very Gaga Thanksgiving' (Thurs., Nov. 24, 9:30PM ET on ABC) is a 90-minute TV special conceived and directed by Gaga herself that finds the queen of shock performing eight songs for a small audience that includes her friends and family. The songs range from her biggest hits to holiday classic 'White Christmas,' and she's even doing a duet of 'The Lady Is a Tramp' with Tony Bennett.

Yep, this is really a thing. ABC is calling it "Gaga-fied," I'm calling it awesomely random.

The special will also feature some interview footage with Katie Couric, and a meal prepared by celebrity chef Art Smith, who makes fried turkey and waffles with Gaga for her guests. Couric says "This is a chance to see more of who she is beneath the wild costumes and staged musical numbers." And ABC is agreeing that we'll finally see her more "traditional" side.

But what won't we see? Here are 5 things that would make this extravaganza even more Gagalicious.

1. A turkey with a sequined cone bra and a giant headpiece on.

2. Gaga in a traditional Thanksgiving re-enactment get-up -- Gaga gone Pilgrim!

3. Gaga making mashed potatoes. Apologies to her futuristic manicurist, but we want to see those hands and nails doing some manual labor!

4. Lady Gaga, sans make-up, wearing sweatpants. You know, like the rest of Americans on Thanksgiving.

5. 'A Charlie Brown Meets Lady Gaga Thanksgiving.' Can someone please animate Gaga and some Little Monsters into this classic?

What we don't want to see? Gaga being normal or traditional, whether in her chat with Couric or cooking with Chef Art. We know that's the goal of a special like this, but with Gaga, we're hoping she keeps a bit of mystery. Her appeal is her image, and if she tries too hard to completely shed all the pretense of her public persona, she'll cease to be Gaga. Call us crazy, but we'll take over-the-top antics over normal any day.

Take a look at 'A Very Gaga Thanksgiving' and tell us: Will you watch?

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