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19 Times Hannibal Makes It Very Obvious He's a Cannibal

Date June 26, 2014

Mads Mikkelsen

How did it take everyone so long to discover that Hannibal is a cannibal? Seriously.

Throughout Hannibal's two seasons, Dr. Lecter (Mads Mikkelsen) demonstrated a penchant for word play and thinly veiled allusions to his unorthodox diet. Yet when Will Graham (Hugh Dancy) first posed the theory of Hannibal's cannibalism, the FBI acted as though he were the crazy one. Say what? Hannibal practically confessed in every episode! Ignoring those cannibal puns is what was actually crazy.

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Check out Hannibal's best cannibal quips below and see if you would have caught on:

1. Hannibal must think he's very clever.

2. Anything = Humans

3. Sheep = Humans

5. Great use of reverse psychology there, buddy.

6. Polite dinner conversation at Hannibal's house includes ominous threats of cannibalism.

7. If a cannibal jokes about eating people but no one is smart enough to understand, does he even make a sound?

8. This is both threatening and vaguely erotic.

9. Is this not how all chefs are inspired?

10. Who are you really talking about, Hannibal? Projecting much?

11. Hannibal enters the Pun-derdome and emerges victorious.

12. Speak softly, but loudly imply cannibalism.

13. This is totally normal doctor-patient behavior, right?

14. Har har, Hannibal. We get it.

15. Any suggestions for how else this could be interpreted?

16. Seriously though. How did anyone interpret this to mean anything other than cannibalism?

17. Alright, now he's just rubbing it in.

18. What do you even mean anymore?!

19. It's like he just gave up here.

Yet despite all of Hannibal's delectable cannibalism quotes, the award for best wordplay on Hannibal goes to Mason Verger:

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