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Christmas TV Schedule & Specials Guide

It's time once again for CTVDB's annual posting of Christmas and Holiday television specials and movie schedule. The 2013 TV listings includes all of our favorite shows, specials and movies we love to watch over and over each year. Be sure to check this list twice and keep it handy throughout the season so you don't miss your any of your favorites! We will continue to update this page throughout the holiday season so stay tuned for more updates to the schedule!
With winter approaching and Holiday spirit in the air, The Classic TV Database is taking a look at our favorite and top Christmas-themed episodes of all time. These classic episodes are some of the funniest and memorable episodes from these shows. These episodes will certainly bring comfort and joy to everyone! The video clips will make you cry out in laughter!
The Classic TV Database is proud to present it's favorite Christmas specials of all-time. These heartwarming classics are known and loved by all and have a special place in every TV fan's heart. These immortal classics are aired each year and are introduced to a a new generation. From Rudolph to Charlie Brown, these specials are sure to get you in the holiday spirit.
Looking for your favorite Christmas or holiday TV special on DVD? We've put together a huge list of these hard to find specials and movies that available for purchase from Amazon.com. Most of these DVDs are massively discounted - with prices much lower than you'll find in the stores. Free shipping is also sometimes available with Amazon. Happy shopping!